Electronic Shelf Labels


The Future of Retail is Here!

When you think of electronic shelf labels, imagine something that goes beyond the ordinary. With our Stellar Pro, Nebular and Lumia range from Hanshow, you're not just getting a label; you're investing in the future of retail. Exclusively at ZeroBubble, these latest, revolutionary products are the pinnacle of digital price labelling.

Our labels boast a sleek unibody design, housing a state-of-the-art flexible ion battery. This not only minimizes power usage but also ensures the label lasts for an impressive 10-15 years.
Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) aren't just about price updates. They revolutionize operational efficiency, minimize pricing discrepancies, and cut down on labour costs. With remote updates from centralized servers, the benefits are endless. Experience the next level of retail with us.


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