Cash Register Repair Services


New Cash Register Purchase Configuration

Buying a new cash register?

ZeroBubble will take care of the initial programing (at no extra cost if cash register is purchased from us!) by a licensed and approved technical person.

This will include:

  • Pre-programmed taxes (0, 5, 18% VAT)
  • up to 10 departments
  • Cash Register Fiscalisation
  • Approval and Issue Logbook to customer
  • Updating Customer's VAT No and other details 


Standalone department re-programming and/or programming of addition departments

  • Programing of additional departments
  • Re-programming of existing departments
  • Adding and/or changing of tax rates


Transfer of Cash Register

Want to buy/sell you cash register to/from a 3rd and need to transfer ownerships of the cash registers? Speak to us, we can be your trusted advisers and guide you on the process to complete the transfer.


Out of Warranty repairs for most cash register brands

Got a problem with your cash register? Is it out of the warranty period? Speak to us and we will help you sort your problem in no time! 


Authorized Eutron brand Cash Registers Service Centre

As of 1st March 2021 ZeroBubble is the authorized service and repair center in Malta for all Eutron Cash Registers - contact us on or +356 7933 7777 for warranty and non-warranty technical issues.

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