Order & Pay - The Revolution Of The Restaurant Industry

January 13 2023 – ZB Team

Order & Pay - The Revolution Of The Restaurant Industry
Order & Pay - The Revolution Of The Restaurant Industry

The restaurant experience is changing. Gone are traditional paper menus and servers asking to take customers’ orders, instead dining options are becoming increasingly accessible via apps or QR codes, orders taken with swift taps on a smartphone and transactions conveniently executed online. To be sure, ‘Order & Pay’ has already revolutionised the restaurant industry and it looks like this new ordering and payment system is here to stay.

Chances are that restaurant and bar owners are already familiar with the cutting-edge ‘order & pay’ method. Yet, if the concept is new to you, you’ve stumbled onto the right place. From what ‘order & pay’ is to its many benefits and how to set it up, this article covers all you need to know about this new restaurant system that has practically transformed the way people dine out.

What is Order & Pay?

Essentially, order & pay allows customers to access the restaurant’s menu, place their order and then pay using their smartphones. Typically, a QR code is provided by the staff and this grants diners easy access to your restaurant’s order & pay app leaving your servers free to tackle other tasks.

The Benefits of Using Order & Pay

Order & pay systems are gaining popularity because they are beneficial for businesses and customers alike. The benefits stretch far beyond convenience and have been proven to aid business flow as well as boost customer satisfaction. Let’s take a closer look at order & pay’s many advantages.

Benefits For Customers:

  • No server-waiting time. Simply scan the QR code using any mobile device and order instantly. Customers won’t have to wait for their server to reach their table but may kick off their dining experience as soon as they’re ready to order.
  • Order and pay with convenience. Without having to leave the comfort of their table (or sunbed!) customers can swiftly place their order and process their payment in mere minutes.
  • A hygienic user experience. As it reduces contact with physical menus, servers, and card machines, using order & pay prevents the spreading of viruses and germs.
  • Quicker service. With instant orders and payments, orders get processed more quickly and dishes reach their tables faster.

Benefits For Business Owners:

  • Customer satisfaction. Order & pay helps businesses run more efficiently, thus boosting customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  • Increase table turnover. Increase your table turnover by 40% by serving more customers with less staff.
  • Boost Profits by 30%. With order & pay, eateries require less manpower, and less equipment – such as physical menus and card machines – to have smooth-running operations that customers enjoy. By hiring less and satisfying more customers, your business will boost its profits margin
  • Cheaper transaction fees. At ZeroBubble, we offer order & pay options with the cheapest transaction fees on the market.
  • Employee Satisfaction. Take off some of your staff’s load, by reducing their order and payment duties. When employees are happy, you’ll maintain a positive working environment that your staff will not wish to leave, saving you time on training new staff.

Getting Started with ZeroBubble

If you’re ready to take advantage of this new system and officially update your ordering and payment operations, contact our specialists at ZeroBubble. Our experts will help you to build a professional digital menu that is tailored to your precise specifications and preferences. We’ll even set up different ordering and payment options so that you may easily manage your customers’ orders and run reports on your restaurant's performance.

For more detailed information, feel free to contact us by calling 7933 7777, sending us an email at hello@zerobubble.mt, or else getting in touch through our site. We look forward to helping you digitise your restaurant operations using our cutting-edge order & pay services.